Passionata Dance Classes – Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Tango and Bridal Dance

The Passionata Difference

What makes Passionata Different?

Most other schools focus on developing dancers into pattern dancers. This means as a dancer they end up dancing the same combination of moves with little or no ability to improvise and adapt. To over come this, the Passionata learning method focuses on refinement of techniques into habit through repetition. We do not focus on patterns and try to teach our students to have a well rounded ability and appreciation for dance.

At Passionata we focus on Primitives. Basics moves that blend into one another. Dancing was meant to be fluid and improvisational in a social setting. We encourage the development of unique style and movement. We encourage all our students to become free agents meaning they take their own initiative to develop. If a student is willing to meet us halfway in developing themselves, we are prepared to give them the energy they require to develop.

We teach variations and forking options for moves. This allows the students to have more options. We you come to passionata dance classes, you are learning a process in putting a dance together by working on it’s most basic elements. Other schools teach choreographed moves that are unleaded, Therefore they can only dance these routines with people of the same school and class. At Passionata we teach lead and follow so that all the moves we do are actually leadable with new people.

We also teach reversals, Most other schools do not reach this level of understanding dance mechanics. We also teach basic modifications and incorporate hybrid footwork from cumbia and authentic feel.

Our method is different and we encourage you to synthesis your dance into our methods. By adding passionata methods to your existing dance, you should have more freedom of expression in dance.

We are inclusive?

We believe in personal freedom of expression so we are encourage students to find their own style. The smaller class sizes allow us to develop people individually and target the development areas.  We incorporate a flat structure to avoid political pecking orders and egocentric drives. performance orientation is not our goal, we tend to focus more on developing the network of social interactions that give people the opportunity to make new friends and expand their capabilities to socially navigate within the passionata dance network. We do not claim to be a family, we merely facilitate mutually beneficial interactions between students and supporters.

We value spiritual development and actualisation

There are higher goals than just financial, there are self actualisation goals, We aim to make people better than they were so there is less suffering due to lack in confidence and insecurity. once someone can feel confident to be themselves and speak their minds, we are happy.

We know what we stand for

We discourage behaviors associated with deriving utility from others without consent. Our core beliefs include respect and common courtesy toward people. Clients should be able to look after their own engagement and manage their own interactions as mature adults.

We are creating a new paradigm

Do what you want, as long as you do no harm. Leave your insecurities at the door we are allowing the energy to attract only good and dedicated people. We are creating a beautiful environment for creative expression.Limiting thoughts like saying something is hard or not allowing others to express themselves is counter productive. If people want to come then we teach, Simple philosophy.
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