Passionata Dance Classes – Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Tango and Bridal Dance

Frugality, Minimalism and Freedom

Living the Authentic life.

In all my experience as a dance teacher, I have met people from various diversity of lifestyles, From people whom keep life simple, to others being extremely ambitious as well as others whom have built up material success and those whom have faced challenging health complications. People can choose to gear their lives in any way they choose fit. Some are time poor, Suffering depression, those whom attract drama into their lives. What I propose is for those to find what makes them have an authentic life to re-balance with nature. Being brutally honest and upfront about themselves.

So what is an authentic life, It is one where they have decided this is where I am and this is where i want to be, Living life with passion and compassion to others. Letting other people be the way they are, the art of allowing others to express themselves which in turn allows the individual to express themselves.

Frugality and being mindful is a way of connecting back to the roots of what is required for human survival. Saving your time, efforts and money so you can work on yourself. Being frugal is not being cheap. By being less wasteful, it allows you to be more generous within your life. by spending less on wasteful people and things, you can save the money to help other responsible people. For example, You can spend a little money creating things to save people’s money.For example, Making soap and giving it away can stop them from spending money on soap, therefore you have created a saving in their life through creating a situation where they do not have to take money out of their wallet. They will then spend on another purchase. By buying useful items in bulk or propagating culinary plants, you can pass on that saving. Reuse and recycle rubbish. Paper can be made into Firelogs, Bamboo Sticks can become Plant Trainers,

Minimalism, This is the art of using less, Less is more, So having less and buying less, gives your more enjoyment from higher quality experiences and things. For example, Having too many extravagant things cost in maintenance. So having less clutter and things to manage allows for clarity of thought. People sometimes, throw out all their things for the sake of minimising, however, a true minimalist would find ways to make it useful for other people.

Freedom, Learning freedom is the process of realising that you can do whatever you want to do without answering to anyone. your time on this planet is valuable and you get to choose what to spend it on. There is no need to impress people that don’t matter, All you need to do is surround yourself in the people you want in your life.