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The Pursuit of Comfort

Feature Article

I have made a observation of human nature in the years of experience and dealings with many individuals, couples and groups. There is a commonality in what people aspire to do in a default state. Generally people tend to seek comfort and possessions that increase their comforts, Therefore in this consumer based economy. we see the fabrication and marketing of many products with one connected universal theme of increasing comfort through aesthetics/functional design.

People are being sold a life of pursuing comforts in a tranquil state. The tranquilised state of mind is where the participants of the system choose to be sleeping. I will explain how this works from cradle to grave.

We are born into this world to adapt to the conditions and pursue our fleeting moments of experience and happiness, pleasure and pain. Our free will is highjacked by numerous attempts of subscriptions. We are convinced  by the best of sales people, our own parents of what we want from life that remains consistent with their desires.

We are wired from a early age to accumulate wealth and hoard possessions that increase that comfort. Is is likely that your parents raised you in a house joining into the larger community of a school whereby children are socialised into comparisons of their results in many aspects of their lives. Children compare quality of lunches given to them with the next child, they establish pecking orders and are bombarded with socialisation that works with their competitive nature rather than collaborative nature. Being taught your name and alphabet/glyphs/symbols/numbers/time. you have a basis for comparison.

People then begin the work, Test results, rewarding obedience and good behaviour, then switching to rewarding study and academia, then to the open world where it rewards the street smart and financially savvy while it punishes the same honest obedient ones, It cannot punish the moderates as they are the norm, and punish the outliers who push the limits of illegally obtaining comforts off the collective efforts of the norm.

The normal class do all the work,  get all the stress and all the loans to pad their lives and homes. The are the system obedient. The criminals are the ones who desire the lives of the luxury obedient and take risks to obtain those comforts. While the normal working class produce the capital wealth in a economy, The criminal and upper class leech off those assets. They line their homes with comfort possessions and Liquid wealth that they can use to obtain meals and produce. The system is geared to reward those who take the risk of wanting debt and family. While it sidelines those who desire power security through saving.

So how does this make sense in the grand schema. Literally all your friends, family, neighbours, Strangers in the street all will fit into this system. A system like the matrix, where the pursuit of comfort is beyond anything else.

People want, Bigger houses, More things, Better things, The latest things, Colorful shiny things, Items that make their life easier, better quality food, more holidays, more time, more entertainment. They want to belong to the best organisations, be the top of the class,more heathy, more wise, you should get my point by now.

The things people spend their money on all cater towards this aspiration. Any business that is successful caters to this low level psychology.