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Healthy Foods Whitelist

There are so many choices for food and it is hard to choose what foods will be beneficial for you and what your needs are. Here is a rough guide to buying the foods that will keep you healthy.


1. Avoid Sugar foods:

Sugar is the biggest killer and it is hard to see where it is hidden. Sugar is in all fruits including grapes. Kids Cereals are big offenders, Soda are also big offenders. Avoid the Nutrasweet too, that stuff messes around with your stomach chemistry and gets into the head causing brain tumors and other digestive disorders. Sugary drinks combined with sodium gives you a lethargic high that messes around with your energy levels. Avoid Soft Drinks, High Sweet Fruits and High Carb Starch diets.

2. Sodium: You are a Sodium junkie.

Sodium is one of the most addictive minerals, It increases blood pressure and makes you retain water. Each day we need a small amount of it to assist in metabolic processes by having it balanced with potassium. The heart beat requires sodium and potassium. The western junk food diet is full of sodium hidden in even bottled water as Bicarbonate. as well as junk foods containing Monosodium. If you have a fat chin, this is usually a indicator of high blood pressure and high sodium diets pulling water in to counter balance the high salt blood. Avoid, Pickles and Sauces.

3. Increase Fibre to Decrease cholesterol in your Arteries. Coronary heart disease is where the arteries to the heart are blocked causing irregular heart beats and stroke if dislodged. Best to eat high soluble fibre foods such as banana, oats and bran. This keeps your bowel movements regular and fights heart disease as well as diabetes.

4. Calcium, Potasium magnesium and sodium in balance. Keep these all in balance. Add probiotics to protect the stomach, Yogurt contains calcium and protein. They also contain the bacteria to protect you from parasites.

5. Add fish protein and easy to digest proteins with BCAAs. Add salmon, tuna and small amount of eggs to your diet.

6. Exercise with cardio. Walking for 30 mins a day is enough, If you can’t afford 30mins a day but can afford statin drugs, Might as well plan for an early exit from life. Deduct a few years from your life. Watch a few videos on Youtube about medical procedures for heart surgery and realise that may be you in that hospital bed at your middle age. If this does not scare you, You may be a lost cause. 30 minutes of walk a day will give you a good quality of life in your 40’s and 60’s.

7. Avoid anti depressants, Solve your anxiety issues by living a wholesome life by doing what you want, not what others demand of you. Learning to live a legitimate life that follows your truth and destiny path is a hard thing to achieve but well worth it. Taking drugs will ruin your life, As bad as heroine is, Anti-depressants are worse.

8. Cut negative people from your life. They are a drain of emotional energy and resources. Look out for number one first. It is not selfish to stay healthy and be at peak performance. It is selfish to demand from others what they can’t afford, this includes all Time, Money, Resources. Surround yourself with people who don’t take energy. You do not owe anything to anyone, only gratitude and humbleness.

9. Fat, Saturated Fat vs Trans Fat. Fat gets a bad rap, however it is not as bad as it seems, otherwise with the diet that people have, people would be dropping dead all over the place. Truth is Fat combined with Sodium is bad. You need oils from all sources, Nuts, Vegetables, Proteins, oil is the fluid of life. Add Omega 3-6, Avoid fried junk especially combined with sodium and no exercise.

10. Vegetables help flush salts, Watch out because vegetables are powerful, they can help you recover, but too much of the same potency can cause low blood pressure and joint problems. Alot of people have lost weight by eating vegetables and fruits and then started to have joint problems. Proteins are required to help repair. A full vegetarian diet is as dangerous in a different way as a full meat/fat and salt one. Everything needs balance. Flushing your salts causes other problems. passing stones, Urinary tract infections.  Give time for your body to recover. a good percentage is 30-40% veggies, 20-30% meats, Low salt, 10-30% fibre rich carbohydrates.  1-5% Fats. dairy and other to get mineral needs. Count the macros.

This list is for personal use only.