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Why #Gamergate is important to me

Hi Internet,

I, like many other people grew up with computer games loving the experience of games, Escaping into the hero’s fantasy worlds and loving the creativity and being in the interactive world. From early on we grew up with hollywood movies in the 1980’s and 90’s. There was a distinct shift in hollywood back in the 1990’s-2000’s where movies started to have a political advertising agenda. This is where I started to disengage from movies. Because movies no longer had good storylines, I had moved away from enjoying them on a deeper level I never understood why i hated these new movies with military agendas, product placement and celebration of a lifestyle that I had nothing in common with the protagonists in the movies. How is this relevant? It is relevant because the same thing was beginning to happen in gaming, especially where there has been alot of money getting into gaming since they invented app stores. Back in the day we used to get our games through sneakernet and shareware floppy disks. Because of these app stores, They were able to gain heaps of money to develop the gaming industry, unfortunately this attracted the scum of the earth Public relations industry and Military industrial complex social engineers.

The gaming platform starts be become exclusive, Once the industry which i had felt included in was developing for and understood us, had been abandoning us to develop for a younger generation of spoilt brats. I decided that the same thing had happened to gaming, it had essentially be co-opted by unsavourable cabal of greedy opportunists and become a closed protected industry like hollywood.

We are here now today where gamers are so pissed off, I am one of them and decided to turn to something real, Dancing because it is honest and hasn’t been co-opted by greedy opportunistic social justice warriors.