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Why Learning to Dance is better than Tinder? Dating Tips

In today’s modern lifestyle we are finding less ways to connect to people on deeper levels. Physical Intimacy is one of those things that may be in the past. We need to revisit our connection to human nature and touch. Tinder is pretty much having a superficial relationships with your phone touch screen and idle chat about weather. It’s better to build a real connection with the people around you and experience the intimacy of the dance embrace.

1. Dancing is about Physical contact

Dance is a language and learning how to dance is learning how to appreciate the same music with another soul. By learning the leading and following, we can understand the opposite sex alot better. Avoiding social awkwardness, By Feeling the dance, you can initiate a better understanding of real interaction. They do say that body language makes up around 80% of communication, so apps like tinder have us convinced that we have really gotten to know someone, but really we have not even seen the tip of the iceberg let alone broken the ice on a connection level.

2.  You can make better judgements about the people you want to initiate into friendships

Tinder is like false friendships. Most people go on tinder with an agenda of gaining attention or initiating friendships or romance. Dance clubs are like a real interactive forum where you can think on the spot or see how people treat other people in the dynamic environment. With dance, if you don’t like someone, you can choose to talk to other people. With tinder once you initiate contact, there is always the stigma of dating and being single from the get go. People also assume people have baggage and dark secrets. When you learn to dance your ability to read people gets better immensely.

3. Dance is real

Dancing is a real feeling, There is someone right in front of you. Sometimes you can even dance and be comfortable with yourself. It builds confidence and self development. It is extremely social and builds real networks. There are hobbies that make you less social like painting and knitting, then there are ones that get you out of the house like Fishing and Camping. With Dancing It is a combination of personal discovery and getting out there. You may choose dating or online dating. you may even pick up dating tips from other people.