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Balance your body

Being healthy by changing your lifestyle.

The human body usually works properly if balanced and has a healthy metabolism. The problem is people have unbalanced metabolism due to a mineral imbalance. The mineral balance is what protects the human body from damages. What people need to recognise is their imbalance and what diseases are related to certain lifestyle choices.


Sodium > Potassium

Sodium intake greater than potassium intake in diet causes high blood pressure. The sodium allows the body to retain water. With too much sodium it is possible to be over hydrated leading to high salt and high water content. Without drinking water, someone may have high salt and blood pressure which will lead to high Uric acid due to the kidneys being overloaded with flushing excess sodium salts.

Excess sodium once flushed out causes Urinary tract infections, due to the salt crystals being flushed out. oxelates and vitamin C harden the salt and allow the kidneys to flush it out. Complex Sodium also has the ability to neutralise acids like uric acid and provide a buffer to heal gout as long as the plasma includes the rich mineral soup.


Potassium > Sodium

This causes the body to overheat and start using up minerals, the potassium reacts with the other electrolytes, pulling out the minerals from cells and bones. The potassium helps flush the water including the electrolytes that have been metabolised. Potassium burns and heats the system, so the system needs to be rehydrated especially if the individual is physically active


Magnesium and Calcium

Magnesium and Calcium are flushed out by Potassium, Vitamin D3 allows magnesium to bind to bone and cell storage. Its allows absorbtion into the blood. lack of magnesium is indicated by chocolate cravings. Lack of calcium is indicated by cracking joints or waking with wrists turned down cramping. Phosphate is inverse relationship to calcium.


Chlorides and Sulfate.

Chlorides are the other part that binds, sulfates are craved and indicated by the love of the smell of matches.

Iron, Zinc and trace elements of rare earth mineral.

Iron is required for transport of oxygen. Zinc for reproductive health. and Trace elements for other health and long liferare.

Dehydration and Overhydration

Water transport needs to enter from the stomach, into the digestive tract, into the blood plasma then osmosis into the cells. You can drink alot of water but still be dehydrated in your cells, It is related to osmosis into the body and then transport into the cells.

Cancer loves Sugar

If you have cancer, cut out all sugar. Vegetable diets and meat diets have hardly any sugar. Avoid HFCS and Fructose. These sugars are not natural and don’t switch off the hunger signal.

Protein is required for body building, this needs to be combined with salt to transport into the blood and cancer.

Do not take estrogen’s, they cause cancer.

Selenium is also required, Ovarian cancer is a lack of Vitamin D absorbition and selenium. The prevent this, Take chicken skin and get more sun or use supplementation.

Prostate cancer is caused by salt blockage in the kidneys causing UTI’s and hypersalt of the prostate providing an environment for cancer to attack by the sodium vector.

tobacco/smoking does not cause short life

Never tell someone to quit smoking, This usually causes a drastic change that could lead to death. Yet they are endocrine disruptors.


Endocrine Disruptors

Tea, Coffee, Smoking, Energy Drinks, Directics, Cause endocrine disruption. This affects water levels in the body. Avoid endocrine disruptors.


Heavy metals

Mercury and Aluminium, Barium, Strontium and other heavy metals cause neurological damages. Avoid these if you can. Pesticides, Toothpaste with fluoride, Hair sprays, anti perpirants with aluminium cause breast cancer. The pill also cause endocrine and hormone imbalance leading to cancer.