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Sodium: Hypertension from accumulated sodium

High Blood Pressure

Sodium is the true slow death. There are many sources of sodium hidden from our view in regular off the shelf foods. For example, potato chips are dusted lightly in salt but are heavy in sodium content. Each little milligram adds up and imbalances the electrolyte, nervous and endocrine system in the body.

Warning Signs that you may have high blood pressure include these symptoms:

– Snoring, Sleep Apnea – These are indicators that high blood pressure may cause cholesterol levels to rise.
– Hot headed, Feeling of Head pressure or hotness in the head.
– Imbalance, crashing into walls, Pressure damage to vascular system in the ear causes people misjudge walls and bump into doorways and people while walking.
– Heavy walking or limping.
– Excessive Sweating from the head or body, The body is trying to dump the sodium out of the body as it is saturated.
– Achilles tendonitis, sodium is an imbalanced state of the body
– Water and fat retention, puffy face, Water is absorbed to counteract the sodium blood level.
– Attracting mosquito bites, Mosquitos love the saline blood and the body lets off sweat that advertises to the mosquitos.
– Blood shot eyes, Result of pressure.
-Vertigo, Dizziness and brain cloud.

How to cure it?

Don’t trust processed foods, Read the labels. There are certain foods to avoid. Pickles are the worst offenders, followed by cured meats. Chips with salt and gravy, canned foods, certain types of dry crackers and bread.

Don’t trust restaurants. The prepare the food behind your back so they could add anything disastrous to your health. Olives, Pickles and processed meats and sauces are all bad for your health.

Don’t trust bottled water. Some bottled water have 13mg of sodium to keep it longer on the shelf. 13mg is twice the amount they put in orange juice. orange juice has artificial vitamin c as a preservative which causes kidney stones. Sports drinks are the worst offenders loading up a mass of sodium and selling it as beneficial electrolytes and hydration. This is a fancy way of saying, salt and rancid water retention. Read the label at all times and check for sodium content.

Don’t trust sauces. They are sodium bombs, You might as well inject dry salt directly into your bloodstream. Soy sauce and tomato ketchup is the worst offenders, Chilli sauces and other types are bad. Mirin is a low sodium alternative. and Lime juice tastes close enough to salt without the harmful sodium. Vegemite and MSG are pure sodium, They make you feel instantly lethargic.


Sauces – Lemon/Lime juice, Fresh chilli cut, and Pepper. Mirin. Blend fresh coriander spices and celery and capsicum.

Chips – Baked sweet potato is better than potato chips. Chips without salt are good but they are still carbohydrate heavy and better to have for dinner. Steamed vegetables are a good substitute.

Drinks – Instead of having bottled water, have tap water, instead of having coke, have orange juice best freshly squeezed, Instead of soda water have filtered water.