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The Cult of Discouragement: Beware Naysayers

Have you ever wondered why the majority of common people come up with excuses not to do things? This is because people have gotten comfortable in not doing things. There is a reason why people don’t put their actions to their words and that reason is a web of discouragement by excessive showcasing by the elites.

have you ever tried to encourage someone to do something that would benefit them, but find them dragging kicking and screaming just to say these two common phrases “I’m not good at it….” or “I haven’t got enough time”. These people are making excuses so they don’t have to confront the fact that they are self limiting and by all means it’s okay to decide not to try new things or refuse pushy people. But there is an underlying web of extravagant narcissism by celebrities and other social pecking order climbers that have reached the top and have let it get to their heads.

A good example of this is Celebrity chefs who people adore, Instead of celebrating the domestic cooking abilities and skills that people couple find practical at home, they strut around on television making people feel inferior if they cannot have basic skills needed to work in a high end restaurant.  The truth is that the food prepared in high class restaurants aren’t necessarily better, they just make such a big deal about every small thing. Every reality show sensationalises the content. From Dancing With the Stars with their over the top dance routines which have no resemblance to the actual dance styles. To survivor men, jumping over rocks and making it look dangerous intentionally with dramatised music, If anything nature is quiet and tranquil. Better homes and gardens, show you idea houses with plenty of space to fill with plants and furniture that is hardly practical for anyone but someone who is pretending to live in the ikea house. Lifestyle shows are useless drivel.

My rule of thumb is, If you are too busy watching it on television, you are not doing it. This is a form of Narcissistic sedentary basking in others sense of glory. So the television shows are designed in such a way it shows the elite doing things that you can only dream of while you sit on your couch while the planet spins around you.

The intelligent thing about marketers is that they have people convinced that watch sport is closely associated with playing it. Drinking beer has nothing to do with soccer, yet somehow a large proportion of the population are merly watching others play while they sit stupidly in their color jerseys chugging down a beer.

Celebrities like Gordon Ramsay, spend most their time shouting at people, Offering a slow mind control that puts every viewer of his in the subconscious victimization mode like pavlov’s dog salivating at the sight of restauranteur food rather than cooking at home.  Commercialization and Brands, encouraging gourmet tastes of food that could be served simply without all the reality television. When the viewers watch the show they automatically place a higher value on the food they are willing to pay for at the restaurants. Little do they know they could just watch a 5 minute youtube video dropping a potato in water and cook something way more healthier for themselves with the original flavour that god intended.

Supermodels, actresses and actors, upsell mediocre averagely attractive people as interesting people, when they merely are professional liars playing roles that increase their appeal through false swish pattern associations. The sex appeal of an actress or actor can be controlled by clothing brands, well rehearsed lines and mannerisms. Including a dance scene in a movie automatically increases the appeal of that celebrity, therefore celebrities spend their days learning skills like parkour, fake gunfighting, pilates, yoga poses, health and fitness. While the rest of the slave population drone at their mediocre married lives longing for fantasies. while they fork out money to celebrities to provide them false emotional states. Deep down inside every wage there is a seed of bitter resentment of celebrities and a wish for them to fall into the same human dramas of broken relationships. The truth is people are unhappy because celebrities cause them to have a false fantasy of what is possible at the same time as discouraging them from leaving their mundane lives and pursuit of something more meaningful than just sitting at a computer.

So don’t be discouraged by these celebrities or elite naysayers. If you are compelled to do something you must. The only asset everyone has is time and we must all chose to be effective in our own lives. It is okay to start from the basic of everything. nobody has to be born with skills, everyone who every became something worked up to it.
Things are worth doing, even if you suck at it, over time you’ll get better.