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Walking, The best way to lose weight

Have you ever tried to lose weight and no matter how much exercise you do, it seems like your body does not react. instead you just get tired and sweaty, next morning you put on a few extra kilos from all the junk you ate. The reason why this happens is because your metabolism is stuffed up. It the western diet, the food we eat is full of sodium and that prevents the body from metabolising anything normally. Therefore in order to get your metabolism working, you must flush your body of sodium, and the way to do so is Potassium. Once your start metabolising normally, you will start to drop weight without trying. Eating a whole heap of fresh lively vegetables and fruits that are full of potassium before your workout, you can push through all the bad rancid sodium deposits in your cells. you must combine this with walking. Brisk walking for kilometeres and continually push nutrients into the body. Once the cells have rid themselves of this bad sodium water retention your body will work more efficiently. Let the walking flush out all the crap. make sure your drink plenty of water during your walks. Rule of thumb is to eat fruits with edible seeds, eg. blackberries, raspberries, Blue berries are full of antioxidants. Eat avocados since they replace a desire to eat heavy meats during the day, meat makes you lethargic and best to eat a small portion without any sauces it in the evening before you go to sleep. Morning. In the morning have a squeezed lemon diluted in a whole bottle of water to kick start your digestion, you may also have a low sodium yogurt like yakult to get your digestive system ready. Do not eat a heavy breakfast, one bananas and a few other fruits should keep you going for 3 hours, If you are hungry snack on celery and full tomatoes or other water filled vegetables. Lunch, Keep drinking the lemon water during the day, Make excuses to walk or get arm and leg cardio activities in, if you can do some light crunches to get the blood flowing, the point is to not overdo anything. Dinner: Small portion of meat, 3 times as many vegetables, raw carrots, brocoli, Cauliflower, Onions. Sleep early and drink water before going to bed. These nutrients will then metabolise duing your sleep. Next morning: Go to the bathroom to expel out the waste, check your urine and waste to monitor the changes in color, frothyness and size and difficulty in expelling. Weigh yourself. you should be losing some rancid waste as your are metabolising properly. Count your sodium intake not your calories.   I personally use “Map My Walk” application to Track my walks.