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Sodium: The Dangerous food additive

Sodium the poison of choice

Sodium is literally found in almost every food product because it sells. The same way people love going on roller coasters because a test of death is fun, Sodium activates your brain into fight and flight mode. Many restaurants and corporations know the three most addictive food products are Salt, Sugar and Oil. They have no problem in earning a profit at the expense of your health at a later date. As long as they poison you slowly and they all do it, they get away with poisoning you while you pay them to do so.

The most dangerous foods, The most dangerous foods are the ones with the most to hide. Pickled vegetables are like a trojan horse of salt directly into the blood stream. Olives, Cheeses, and salami are very high sources of sodium. The sodium hit is characterised by a hot flush to head, High pitched inner ear activation, Overworked kidneys, Lethargic feeling of fullness. processed meats contain sodium, including meat which has been softened by bicarbonate soda used in stir  fry take away dishes.

Bottled water also contains sodium, and bicarbonate and chlorine to disrupt the endocrine system and make the consumer more thirsty the more they drink. Someone with a high sodium content will retain water unless they metabolise it by exercising it out so the kidney can process it out. From a life long consumption of sodium health implications may include kidney stones which are like the equivalent of a sodium pearl coming out of a human.


Avoid cured meats, preserved picked vegetables. Some foods are high in sodium, These include anything salted, savory sauces and anything with bicarbonate soda in it. Avoid sausages and other pressed sandwich meats. If you can choose pure whole meats with no preserved or processed quality

Potassium is the opposing force of sodium and consuming high potassium foods helps in counteracting sodium. Banana’s and Potato skin are good potassium sources. Bananas, Apricots and Orange juice are all high in potassium which helps counteract sodium levels.

Vegetables that are high in water content are great for counteracting sodium. Celery, Tomatoes and capsicum and foods with vibrant colors are great.

Purified Water can dilute sodium. Bottled water contains additives such as sodium and chlorine.

Most if not all the restaurants out there are out to kill you slowly collect a profit.

Breakfast Cereals are high in sugar and other dangerous additives. Many are also owned by religious organisations that may be subversive to your own personal beliefs.

Monosodium glutamate is a neurotoxin.

Here are some foods to eat: Fresh fruits and vegetables , eg. watermelon, cherry, blueberries, strawberry and banana. Sweet potatoes, coconut water, apricots, bananas, cantaloupes, figs, oranges, and beats are all high in the big P.

Avoid Sauces like Soy sauce, ketchup or mayonaise, They all have high sodium content.