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Avoiding unhealthy food options in an unhealthy world

When it comes to food, it pays to be paranoid about nutrition. in a world full of marketing and quackery it is hard to know what the truth is, especially when the people peddling truth have been lied to themselves and conveniently believe it. this is like a snake oil salesman selling toxic waste to the local shop assuring him that it is great for your health. We have to be paranoid when food has been processed, there is very little known about the additives once it is blended together.

So when you walk into a shopping centre, you will usually come up to a food court and think “Where will i get my lunch today?”. What you should be thinking is “Which place is trying to kill me with either sugar, salt or oil?”. These businesses are not your friends, if anything they are the cause of your doctor visits. The profit motive is very strong and the business owners usually eat themselves into their own lifestyle sicknesses. Not only are they killing your tastebuds and body, they are killing themselves slowly. Sodium is the biggest killer and downplayed the most. People think fatty food is killing them, but it is actually the salt.

Understanding the human body is a balanced mechanism is the first step to controlling the inputs. there are three key elements Water, Sodium and Potasium that need to achieve a balance.
Choosing food

Pretty much walking into a take away food shop, food court or restaurant you are screwed. Here are the ways to choose food properly and modifying variations.

1. Kebab shops

Warning: Watch out for the meat, they are full of sodium, bicarbonate and saturated oils.  When they make a kebab, the bread they use may contain 500+ mg of sodium. Then they put the sauce on it, They liberally squirt the sauce on and it contains around 2,000+ mg of additional sodium. The only good thing is the vegetable content.  Best kebab to get for health is a kebab with none or very little meat, Full of vegetables and with a trusted bread with only around 200+ mg sodium. Avoid the pide, especially the meat and cheese ones. The meat one contains the old meat from the end of the day kebab spit recooked and reused to prevent waste.

2. Sushi

Warning: Soy Sauce is the biggest sodium source alone. When having sushi, it is best to have it with no soy sauce or pickled vegetables. The pickled vegetables contain enough sodium to leave you feeling sick. Have sashimi salmon without any sauce. there is always a risk of contracting worms with raw meat so best to eat safe.

3. McDonalds.

Everything they have is full of sodium and sugar corn syrup from HFCS. Everything is processed, The best option from McDonalds is a salad and orange juice. If you do have to have the burger, have the grilled chicken without the sauces and avoid the pickle.

4. Vietnamese Roll

This is pretty much like a kebab with cold process meat. A little healthier, but hard to tell with processed meats. Remember that they use the soy sauce by default, so if you need to have one of these, Be careful of the soy Sauce, adding of shaker salt and the vinegar salt pickled carrot. Other things to avoid are the high fat mayonaise and the Sodium packed Pate.

5. Italian food

Watch out for the Fortified meats and vegetables.  Prosciutto, salami and mortadella, Salt and Salt. Olives are pickled in salty brine.

6. Water

Read the label, alot of water is just as bad as or worse than softdrinks due to the bicarbonate and chloride content. they are designed to throw your endocrine system out of whack so you still feel thirsty, The whole scam was to throw everyone in a fear of tap water so they drink bottled. If anything drink boiled tap water or filtered water to get rid of any lifeforms living in the water. many drinks and bottled waters have sodium content. Avoid Soda water and sparkling water at all cost. Not to mention the obvious coke which kills your blood. Road cleaning crews always keep a bottle of coke to clean up blood off asphalt.

7. Indian food

Indian food has alot of beneficial qualities, unfortunately they are also guilty of salting which undoes any benefits of tumeric, celery, coriander, or spice grinds.

8. Chinese food

Chinese food is made to taste, and kill. monosodium glutamate is a neurotoxin that makes you lethargic, clots blood. The saturated oils they use are bad. All the soups have too much salt.

9. Korean food

Kimchi is pretty much Pickled cabbage. Salt.

10. Fried Chicken

The worst offenders, They all contain MSG under different names like Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein.




The antidote

Potassium Rich foods – Banana, Apricots, Rock melon, Sweet potato skin,