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The commodification of Men

The rise of the global economy from the 1980’s has seen vast sociological changes in the landscape of sexuality and reproductive rights. We have seen the result of rampant feminism destroy lives creating a society of lonely people facing a gender war. No longer do the genders communicate or understand each other. This is due to a rift that was created years ago when men objectified women as a commodity and oppressed their say during the 1950’s and became the sexual liberation of the 60’s and 70’s. The drug culture then grew and the selfish baby boomer generation took from their parents and their future via easy credit money. This generation is now within their 50-60’s, Rich, depressed and lonely.

Like spoilt brats they spend their time living a lifestyle beyond their means in a irresponsible credit hungry way, being endorsed by banks and the ever increasingly unaffordable housing bubble. They own 2-5 properties and walk around in an arrogant manner of the world owing them a living. They have dependent kids in their 30’s because housing is so unaffordable they have trampled on their children’s futures for personal gain. There is no surprise that the children feel disconnected from their selfish parents. The solution is the kids of the baby boomers are waiting for their parents to die and inherit their amassed fortunes. These are the baby boomers. They are wreckless and spend their easy gotten fortunes on comforts. spoiling themselves silly. Setting a bad example for their kids who become pamper princesses and irresponsible boys.  There is one person left out of the equation, and that is the father.

In a gynocentric society, women complain about being objectified, yet reap all the benefits associated with state controlled welfare for single mothers and matriarchal families. We are seeing a large increase in the amount of divorced men who have been milked dry through child payments, while the ex wife pushes to gain benefits from other men. This leads to a power imbalance causing the current state. Men are more likely to commit suicide after a divorce because of denial of  access to the children. These men are left in the lurch in terms of no access to kids, no access to reproductive rights. Many resort to lifestyles that women disapprove of, Watching sports, Playing sports, purchasing motorcycles, all matter of hobbies which exclude women, They are happy in this world as much as women are happy with make up artistry is a science dedicated to superficially creating advantages against men.

These men are in their 40’s -60’s with no desire to interact with women. This sets a dangerous precedent for women as they get more and more lonlier, women turn to surrogacy in finding male interaction. Sex toys, exercise, Dancing, Yoga, all pursuits that stave off hysteria and addressing the real issue of insecurity and low self esteem and delayed sex drive.
men on the other hand are turning to sports, fishing, Cars and Racing, Internet, Computer games as a way to escape the reality of women. Some men even dedicate their lives to work, because it’s easier than dealing with a woman. We are seeing a gender war play out and as long as women don’t recognise it. this problem will get worse.