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Argentine Tango Figures: Sacada

Sacada is also known as a displacement. It is usually a move involving the insertion of the leaders foot between the followers step. Sacadas can be done directly after a followers ocho or side step. There are two main types of sacada, front and back sacada.

Steps for Basic Sacada

Prerequisites: Salida, Ocho, La Marca, Resolution.


1. Leader takes opening step back with right leg
2. Leader takes a side step slightly bigger than the lady on 2
3,4,5. Leader proceeds to walk outside on 3, continues to walk on 4 and closes and changes axis on 5 leading up to ladies cruzada (cross) position.
a1. Leader invites follower with fingertips of right hand into ocho. Follower does forward ocho to the right of leader.
a2. Leader puts left foot displacing the back foot, he then proceeds to transfer weight onto left leader hip while follower transfers and pivots.
b1. Leader collects right to axis junta and pivots lady to left leg forward ocho out to left.
b2. Lady pivots to straight position.
6,7, 8. Resolution

Double Sacada – Sacada with left, then sacada with right.

Basic sacada

Opposing leg

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