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Argentine Tango Figures: Molinete

Molinete stands for windmill. This move usually involves the woman going around the guy in a giro (turn). The guy is usually grounded as the central point she rotates around. There are only two types of Molinete, Clockwise or Counter clocwise. It may be started on a Back step ocho, Forward step ocho, side step. Pretty much whenever required.

Prerequisites: Back Ocho, Forward Ocho, Al costado, La marca, codica, Giro.


1. Leader opening back step.
2. Side step.
3. Leader stepping outside, Lady back ocho with left.
4. Follower side step medium with right
5. leader start lapiz with left.
6. Leader transfer to left leg weight. Ladies forward ocho with left leg.
7. Pivot to straight.
8. Resolution 6-8