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Inclusivity in Tango

Tango is sometimes a artform that people pursue and make difficult for themselves. This externally forced self sabotage is seen in the rhetoric related to the tango. The tango is hard, it is very hard to master, it takes years to master. all this negative speech puts people’s mindsets in the wrong frame of mind to progress faster.

I believe the years of misinterpreted instructions and the hidden curriculum of tall poppy syndrome has the potential to stifle growth of the tango and it’s new subscribers.  Because of this insecurity, cliqueyness and negative reinforcement, It has lead to scene culture and social grooming of gossip and politics rather than self excellence in technical ability and translation into artistic form.

So it is very easy to fix with a few programming memetics

1. Never say tango is hard, If anything it should be natural and easy to start.

2. Tango is a constant refinement of the self by form, style of movement.

3. Never discourage others, Tango is done purely for yourself as an individual and together as a dedicated couple.

4. Don’t get caught up in politics rather than focus of improving yourself.

5. Do love the passion and allow it to slowly develop over time.

6. Share your abilities.