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The Dangers of Formalised Techniques.

Everyone has heard of the situations where an instructor gave a bad instruction to the student and the student hurts themselves. The instructor who fails to explain the safe limits as it is easy to forget to tell the student about all hazards and it is upto the student to inform of pre-existing conditions.

There is a another more serious problem affecting elite atheletes and this is the damage that being strict on formalised techniques can cause. For example, Guitarists may develop some chronic condition in the shoulder from being pushed to repetitive posture.  Violinists may develop RSI and cysts. however good and perfect technique was practiced. Overuse and over straining to give aesthetic appeal at the expense of long term use and feeling. Someone who practices with less formal technique and forms their own natural postures may be able to better find what suits their body.

This is the same case with orthopedics in shoes, Everyone’s foot, gait, genetic dispositions and signature rhythms are different, requiring someone to observe the same techniques for a sport and push their body to the excess of optimal peak performance is not healthy. eg. A expecting a shorter person to reach a taller shelf, or a expecting a taller person to crawl under a shorter table. Both of these opposite extremes do not assist in optimal performance. yet people still try to compete and win.

Natural is always best, everyone’s body has a natural range of motions and a natural point of stretching. letting someone fall into rest position and then pushing the limit then reversing back to the natural point is the best way to avoid injury.  i use the example of dance techniques, just because everyone looks the same way, does not mean that someone else should dance the same as everyone around them. humans should aim for biodiversity in movement as much as culture and food. trying to achieve a carbon copy of the shelf look is like causing damage to get something to fit in a box.  The moral is that it is not worth it to break the product to fit into the smaller box.\

Instead of trying to fit into the box, Try moving out of the box so a custom package has to be made for the artwork. Something cheap will be broken to pieces and put into a box, while something expensive or of value will have the box custom made for it.

The distinction is two levels of greatness. For something to be great in the material sense, something needs to be damaged for something to be created from the pieces. The second from of greatness merely has to be recognised as greatness itself from the divine creator as greatness existing in it’s natural and fragile state fully functional and aesthetic from it’s birth and evolution.