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Gender Rift – Lonely People

To be in a relationship or not to be in a relationship, That is the question.  I deal with many clients as a dance teacher and see it is an internal desire to have companionship and feel loved and even feel there is something or someone to give love to. Humans desire this love and constantly set their standards too high to the point that finding love is almost like a maze puzzle surrounding a rubix cube.

There are no right or wrong answers, but i believe for younger people in love it has to be strong enough to last the test of time and endurance. if a love was never strong there is no hope of it ever manifesting to something greater, as the years go by the couple will find themselves often falling out of love at times and reevaluate their love.
This love is driven by a fear that their lives will enter a futility where the imagined perception of what they want out of life collapses in a pile of rubble and they wait for someone to reignite their dreams to come along.  Life is hard and it was never meant to be easy.  People are running around trying to find their niche and save time before the inevitable end. Trying to deal with what comes along as it comes. Finding a partner, having someone to share the common dream and then when someone gets ahead of themselves and plans a future without the wisdom, life falls apart, and fear sets in.

The spontaneous becomes rigid and the future begins to be set, This may drive people to fear as their expectations do not match with their planned future. as the rules of the game they believe shift and skew with the number of factors being accounted for does not match to the originally planned settings.

I have experienced it personally, When you think the world is fine, and everything seems to be ok, but deep down inside the relationship something brews where the future you planned is not the future your partner planned. Relationship in love is like a risk of two people looking at each other eye to eye ignoring the world around them scared that one will flinch and pull out from the journey. This is drifting apart.

So how do we avoid this, Many people leave it to a higher power, When they get married, they put their faith in god that come what may, they beg of the strength to deal with it. With the trials and tribulations set of  their path, this tests the strength for these couples to stay together, Bringing a child into the picture is a binding force as it develops a common goal. there must be plenty of love first to create a child, if not it usually ends in divorce and the child not feeling loved.

Solution: Get a pet