Passionata Dance Classes – Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Tango and Bridal Dance

Dirty Dancing Choreo Draft

1. Ladies in center, man walks in finger gesture come over here.
2. Embrace to bachata dip
3. wrap in leading hand to shadow position ladies left on mans neck, look at each other
4. mens left slide down ladies arm to body
5. ladies left to mens right turn out CW and turn in CCW

6. Basic step
7. right turn
7. basic half turn to face out
8. cuban check
9. Kick step twist bend
10. kick spot turn MRLL
11. ladies underarm turn
12. mens underarm
13. triple inside turn
14. Dizzy spells

15. basic cross body lead
16. natural top
17. Triple turn outside.
18. inside step, swivel two step x 2
19 under arm turn
20 cross body lead
21. cuban break x 2
22. walk around with ladies hand on neck , mens hand on waist.
23. behind the back turn, ladies right hammerlock to mans right + undo x 2
24. new yorker salsa
25. bump and grind
26. hand behind the back ladies right turn

27. CBL
28. natural top CW
29, helicopter legs, right leg near guy foward pos, left leg trailing
30. cross body inline turn
31. hand kiss

mens solo pivot turn
funky walks
side and cross
suzi cue loose
kick and split
free pivot turn
spin to down on knees
head shakes

Walk back and lift,