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When does life start to be happy?

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This world is mad. We all go through life starting from a clueless baby to a confused teenager, To overwhelmed adult to responsible adult, then somewhere along the way we get lost. Our passion goes, we prioritize others we get tread all over. But when does life seem to get happy?

The answer is as soon as we become realistic with ourselves and cut our losses. As human beings brought up in a economic progress driven society we tend to think the best of things, and are overly optimistic with what we expect from lives and what we re entitled to getting. We are told what we want and play it hook, line and sinker into this artificial world with artificial material trinkets.

I have spoken to a number of people from all different demographics and age groups trying to work out what makes people happy. Often young people are always comparing themselves to each other trying to find a scope of self value, Trying to work hard or work less to get a optimal result they can make comparisons to their peers that they will realise later does not contribute to meaning later on in life.  Life does get better when you get older, Around the age of 25 I believe the thought process kicks in that stabilises all the emotional confusion. By the time you are 30 if you are still confused life keeps you on a path until you are in your 40’s to evaluate what is really important to you.

We all play a role in our lives and those around us, It is up to us to play that role whatever it may be and go with the flow.  Sometimes we may be clueless, but if we think with clarity and go through the next motion with honesty, we will take ourselves to the next stage of our lives. With very open honesty to your soul, you will find your way, but sometimes it requires you to go against everything that the whole world expects from you.

There are those who pamper themselves too much and never discover who they are, and then there are those who need to do something more for yourself because they have been giving too much of themselves to others.

We need to be less narcisstic and less self serving combined with more realistic and self developing.