Passionata Dance Classes – Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Tango and Bridal Dance

The Charter of Responsibility

We encourage and allow people to be themselves and have respect for themselves and others. No person shall use or abuse services offered by goodwill for their personal psychological problems. We provide dance education as a service for a fee. As a fair exchange of skill and social network interaction.
We are working to not support any businesses that are exercise predatory practices towards other businesses. We aim to not do business with any false virality generation business  such as Cold calling SEO or Pyramid selling organisations. We do support local small businesses and medium legitimate enterprises who add value into this world.

We do not support Recruiting firms and other organisations such as charities that live off the guilt and detriment of groups of people. Our model towards charity is through time and skill. Donation of time and skill is valued and only support genuine people and organisations.

Wealth theft is ripping people off and giving them something with little or no value and charging them money that could be used better on services that could go to building the business organically. For example, the coupon companies connect larger amount of customers to the service provider at a cost of around 20%. This undercuts the cost of the supplier as they have to make compromises lowering the quantity or quality of service. The service provider then cannot provide a discount to the customer directly because of the 20% margin that was under cut, thereforre stealing wealth of skills to offer a service. Wealth theft is also a person who tries to benefit from a groups energy without contributing to that group. Gate crashers, theives and time wasters, people who look for free therapy and drain energy from others. We discourage all bad behaviors.

We run a no obligation model, if you turn up we will teach you what we can, we aren’t claiming to be the best or anything, we just give our students our quality of time as best as possible and logically. We don’t claim to be a family and for you to join “our family”, we just want you to learn to dance and enrich your own real family and craft a positive environment around your own life. If you have good interactions with people around you, you will start to see the benefits of choice in who you surround yourself with. We hope that you also become generators of wealth in your community by being the leaders and helpers in your own personal lives to bring about positive change in your extended community for your own personal development. Responsibility is crucial to developing people.