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Music recording companies killed the musicial star

Demand and supply of music

Video killed the radio star. Now we are seeing recording companies making a killing with manufactured artists for years. Instead of having a few cream of the crop celebrities come from 1000’s of musician artists. we are seeing record companies cherry pick a few manufactured artists, tweak their voices, use the formula of what sells and churn out numerous digital copies through media distribution trees.

The invention of recording and playback technology and ability to distribute music online freely and globally has changed the game. In economic terms the demand for entertainment has stayed the same but the supply has over saturated dropping the equilibrium price. DJ’s aren’t even getting gigs unless they also provide lighting equipment but the price for gigs remains the same by being undercut by a large supply of DJ’s distributing music of major artists. At the end of the day advertising revenue generated from you tube videos and itunes is where all the money is going.

Musicians cannot find gigs because DJ’s are taking their jobs by being part of this distribution mechanism of the recording companies. If musicians are to survive they must mot rely on the old paradigm of getting gigs from venues and switch to a new paradigm of doing their own thing.

They need to be innovative in music, This may involve playing music nobody could hear anywhere else and generating their own fanbase away from the selling alcohol paradigm. They need to play what their audience likes to hear, not play for themselves like some form of self indulgent masturbation session. Play from the heart for your audience, play something unique, no recording companies help. Release their own songs and don’t allow them to be distributed via recording technology.

Film recording technology has destroyed the quality of art of theater.  Magnetic recording has enhanced the distribution of music however it has destroyed the potential of musical development. If musicians are to be accepted into gigs as a higher quality replacement to DJ’s they need to excel in what they do to the point of stage crafting and giving the experience that is lacking in recordings. Interaction is the key, If a musician interacts more with the audience then they are more likely to get gigs. The problem with venues is they expect musicians to be treated like jukeboxes with no interaction and play song after another without breaks in between.
Advice for musicians: After finishing a song in a gig, Interact with the audience Between songs as part of stage craft. A DJ is paid to play songs non stop and keep the flow going in a club and nobody cares who they are. The upper hand that a musician has is the interactivity element. Reliance on prerecorded midi does not allow flexibility to improvise longer. therefore to take advantage and win the upper hand over mediocre DJ’s who merely redistribute popular music from the states, musicians have to be proactive about interactivity. Stepping up to the plate, Playing to please the audience and not allow recordings of their music as a cheap and easy replacement. Interactivity cannot be replaced so this ensures gigs can be secures more often.

A musician has to also be a master of ceremony. Not just a Jukebox DJ that robotically churns out their songs, otherwise the DJ becomes a better option for venues.

Cheapest to expensive option for venues point of view

– Prerecorded CD, No real DJ
– DJ Playing popular music recorded in a studio
– Musician playing music following a prerecorded MIDI rhythm section.
– Musicians covering famous songs.
– Musicians Playing original covers with their own originals. – Musician playing sets with no interaction.
– Musicians playing sets with audience interaction and improvised parts.
-Audience participation
-Stage show, Full Live musicians with orchestra, Lights and sounds.
-Concert, Full Production

– Interactive concerts

Musicians should aim to offer higher services on the bottom of the list developing a feel and brand, because this is where the money in their niche is also is.

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