Passionata Dance Classes – Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Tango and Bridal Dance

Dancing is the best way to meet people

Many people have tried online dating and they have met freaks and meet people who don’t make ideal partners, pretty much a shotgun approach to relationships where the only thing you have to go by is the picture the person has chosen for their profile and the embellished fabrications of selling themselves on the meet market.

Why is Dancing the best way to meet people?

Because with dancing the context is there. When people jump onto dating sites pretty much the assumption is that they are there for only two reasons. Sex and/or relationships.  With dancing there is no obligation and you get to suss out potential partners without having to commit to a relationship. Sometimes single people just want to stay single.  Some women are looking for men, some men are looking for women. Dancing provides a way for people to meet men and women without the hassle of introducing expectations into the equation. Once Sexual or Relationship expectations are introduced, the meeting can become sour and lead to bad relationships. Single people may browse personals with interest looking for love or relationships.

People are looking at forming friendships, Dancing allows people to expand their social network and for friendships with both genders. Even married couples look at taking lessons to improve themselves for their partners. Some married couples only learn dancing so they can dance with each other, they have already met their match and do not require it. Meeting Right or Wrong is entirely up to you.

Dancing has the ability to mediate the differences between genders and have them understand each other alot more. Men start to understand the reality of women and realise how sexual they are in nature, especially as they get older. Women start to understand that when men are young they are sexual in nature but as they get older want nothing to do with women who are not responsible, have mental issues or not family material.

Understanding the key Facts can lead you to a better life:

When men are young, they are looking for a nice women. When they reach their 30’s they have been burned and diverge into two camps, men who want a domestic love and men who want sex. at an older age men don’t want anything to do with women since they have been through alot an no longer willing to settle for psycho women or ones with dependency problems.

When women are young, They dream of prince charming like the fairy tales. During their twenties they date guys who do not live up to the expectation and diverge into two paths. They either get a stable boyfriend, may get pregnant and their lives change drastically to the path of a mother and are forced to become a woman at an accelerated rate. or they stay single and pursue academic and career oriented paths. They may get divorced or stay within the relationship based on their ability to choose a good husband that is dedicated to kids. Some stay young and are girls that pamper themselves and end up being surrounded by other lonely women only. They get old and desperate for company but as beauty fades they lose confidence.