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Wedding Planning Guide

Wedding planning

1. Plan your budget

Weddings can be quite expensive depending on the services, after all it usually is the big day. Some people plan large extravagant weddings for large family showcases all the way to the small intimate ones with only immediate friends and family. You need to plan ahead and do things in advance as procrastinating can be the worst.

2. Secure your venues

First thing you should so is call around or search for venues and prices. Depending on the overall design of the wedding, Bridal couples may have various options in selecting a venue. do a search on the internet for venues to get a idea about prices for renting the reception halls and churches. You may also attend bridal expos to give you exposure to some of the venues and services available. Sometimes you may even ask councils for advice. Sometimes catering is handled separately, or you may get a deal on catering from the venue, You may have to do a taste testing of the food served during the night. Once you have secured the location and date, you may consider other services. Do not leave everything up to last minute as this may cause panic.

– Church hall, Parks and Reception Halls, Marquee tent in Park.

3. Hire a Celebrant

This will make the wedding legally binding with paper work, Usually costs around $400, However some opt for a civil union.

3. Bridal Dresses and Suits

Bridal dresses vary in prices, most dresses are customised to the bride and range from $800-3000+ depending on the designer labels. You may have to get a fitting done for your bridal party. Choosing a color scheme for the Brides maids and Groomsmen is ideal at this time and also the decorative facades for the chairs, Table cloths and trimmings.

4. Keeping those memories, Photographers and Videographers.

There are many photographers and amatures, Search for experienced photographers who have a proven track record of glamour photography and landscape photography. These photographers will blend a mix of intimate shots with nice scenic backgrounds from previously scoped out locations.

5. Flowers and Decorative. Sometimes a party shop will have small touches that will increase the appeal of the wedding without being too expensive. Flowers are expensive once the Florist knows it is for a wedding, See if you can get a discount from friends or rearranging the bouquet from gift flowers and ribbon.

6. Music and entertainment

Some people hire a MC, DJ, Live Bands, Live Entertainment. eg. Violinists, Singers, Bands, Host, DJ, Performance Group.

7. Dance Lessons

You need to take these, to avoid looking awkward. Depending on what feel you want to give, The more time you spend the better you’ll be confident on the day. Bridal dance lessons range from $70-$140 per hour, depending upon the dance school. We recommend taking at least 2 lessons for the most basic dance.