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Tango Workshops, Classes in liverpool a success

Beginner Tango Workshop in Sydney’s South West

The Two for tango workshops ran on July 2013. This offered beginners an opportunity to experience lessons at a discounted rate. Students learned how to dance he basics of the tango including Salida, Ocho and the Ganchos. The main goal of these workshops was part of a marketing drive to increase tango awareness in the south western sydney region by providing subsidised classes for anyone who was interested. the result was good, we have decided to drop the prices of classes to $12 to increase the awareness of tango even more in the area.

tango  lessons

The Lessons in Order:

Lessons 1 – Walking

Students learned to walk and balance. Walking backward and forward and side stepping in the tango. They then learned the basic figure of the Salida which consists of three parts, the Opening, The Walk to the cross and then the resolution. This provided a foundation for the rest of the educational process in later lessons.

Lesson 2 – Ocho Adelante

This lesson focused on developing the hip movements required for tango as well as the collection onto the pivot points and axis shifting.

Lesson 3 – Ocho Atras and Gancho

This reversed the Basic refining the backward movements and the lead for the man. Creating the back Ocho

Lesson 4 – Walking Caminada

In lesson 4 we developed the rocking step in the caminada figure with the rock step cradle for more travelling moves. We also reviewed all the steps from the previous lessons to make them more concrete.

Lesson 5 – Walking, Cunita, and Arrepentidas.

We gave the students some trajectory modification moves so they could navigate on line of dance. The focus was to also use the lanes and overtaking. Students also begin to develop abilities to avoid collision on the floor.


The workshops were a success we managed to share the love of tango with more people and open the peoples eye’s to the dance. The goal was to increase tango awareness in liverpool and hopefully build up a community of tango dancers within the liverpool area in sydney. We will run another set of these workshops hopefully in six months time for more beginners to experience the love of the tango and share the passion. Perhaps we may expand it to burwood too.

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