Passionata Dance Classes – Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Tango and Bridal Dance

The Passionata Philosophy

Passion and Love

We are passionate. We respect people have lives outside of class, and we love our students to be part of our community as a incubation ground for spiritual development. Dance from your heart, Learn with your mind and express that soul.


At Passionata Dance we believe in equal access, no matter your age, gender, background or any other lifestyle choice. If you have a willing attitude to learn, we have a willing attitude to teach. We believe in respecting other people for who they are and what past they come from. You are not defined by your labels, instead you will use dance to find out who you are.


We celebrate uniqueness. When a student comes to our classes, we teach a standard set of moves technically, however we embrace our students ability to branch out and find their own style. Everyone is different and has every right to be so. Instead of trying to make all our students dance the same way, we allow them to find their own educational paths and take their own unique dance journey. We believe that the student will get out what they put in. Don’t be the same as everyone else, you were not born as a copy so don’t act like a copy. We want to see YOU, whomever that may be. You bring yourself to class and you share yourself with class.

No Obligation Model

We do not obligate our students to come every lesson, The way we have structured the lessons is for each lesson to be standalone in nature within a larger programme of cyclical content that revisits previous content per cycle. Students are free to drop in for the casual classes in any of our venues and pick up skills from different styles. Of course we prefer in you students come regularly so they can develop faster and transition to social alot faster. By having no obligations model, the one who are serious about personal development will come and develop themselves.

Value given as Value Paid

We believe that people value skills when they make a sacrifice of time, energy or money as value. For our work as instructors we are compensated by the tuition fee to grow our school and provide incentives for ourselves to grow. Students who pay for lessons are more likely to value what they pay for and continue through developing themselves. For what we offer in terms of personal development, we are giving something with an intangible value that you can take throughout your whole lifetime. For our fees are a small price to pay for a great general welfare that students get overall through their lives.

Social Dynamics

You are participating in an experiment. The aim to self improve, You are free to pursue your passion and find out if dance is for you. We are accommodating and supportive when it comes to developing our students. You make your own conclusions. We like to provide a friendly environment to socially network with our students and the extended networks within the salsa scene.

Embracing your responsibility

We teach dance as a discipline, Self respect and responsibility are key values. We provide the environment to grow and it is up to our students to find out what dance and life means to them.  The only person you want to be better than is yourself yesterday, and even if takes twice or three times as long to learn, It’s still ok. Everyone learns at different speeds and comes from different ability levels.

No Drama

We like to be brutally honest with our students, With our flat structure, there are no pecking orders and minimal politics. Each relationship formed is a one on one relationship, However we do encourage our students to be secure with themselves and avoid bickering over small things.  Be nice and play nice.

Keep it Real

We don’t participate in events that provide marginal benefits. We believe this detracts from the original purpose of learning to dance. The main purpose of dance is to learn and be comfortable in you own body movement.  To learn who you really are. To express yourself.  Our dance classes are a place to be honest with yourself.

We mediate you

People do dancing for different reasons. We hope that dancing can touch you enough to bring clarity and balance into other aspects of your own life. We hope that what you learn from dancing, you can take and transfer giving you benefit in your life outside of dance. eg. a new found confidence being able to spread and make be the first step in taking initiative to help people or make your surrounding world a better place. if you want to have a happy life, surround yourself in happy people. If happy people are scarce in your world, we hope that a positive attitude can be infectious and protect your life with a burst of positivity. You may even be able to fix or reevaluate relationships from a position of clarity.

Make errors

It’s ok to make mistakes, you can always refine and develop them. It’s all part of the learning process. Never forget your roots.