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The Empowered Person – Self Development

The empowered person

Do you know how to empower yourself? Here are the steps to self empowering, The first involves telling yourself the absolute truth. This includes being truthful about how insecure you are and confronting your fears one at a time. Society and culture is a perverse paradigm that is ever invasive in everyone’s lives through people self regulating each other and other people.  People grow up with unknowns, bad socialisation from neglected children and preconceived notions that things are always done in a certain way limiting options for how you should live your life. This eliminates opportunities to develop new paradigms through a collective clenching to easy life and security and constantly maintaining the illusion of control without being empowered.

First step is to realise the truth, that any form of happiness and sadness is self imposed. That blame of others offsets personal responsibility to see life the way it actually is. The truth is sometimes mirrored as the opposite of the surface although it is hard to see. For example, the alpha male is a non existent archtype created to give women what they want and derives a mans value via his functional utility value.  So the more guys get into debt to keep up appearances with cosmetics and material possessions, these are the illusions pulled over women’s eyes. Thus men are hardwired to try to give women what they want, Women are distracted from what they want by being told what they want through magazines that glorify and shine bright lights on celebrities of a certain stature. These unrealistic images take high maintenance by cosmetics and show only the high eschelons of celebrity to be worthy of reproductive rights to the best stock of system supplicating males.  Not until women realise they are surrounded in good men whom do not subscribe to societies idea of successful male, do they realise that the good men do not look clean cut and well groomed. they are diamonds in the rough that a woman takes and by being in her position of acceptance of her role as a strong keyword feminine role model that she will be with her man sitting on a hill watching the sunset in her later years and realise that she made the correct choice of the one who stuck with her.

However, if she constantly chases better and better like a pampered princess or privileged princess, she will be severely disappointed and never have her high unrealistic expectations met by always trying to trade up whilst not acknowledging the inner beauty of her man. The entitled girl believes she deserves the best, but this will ultimately lead to loneliness or an unhappy marriage ending in divorce. People need to be mature enough to realise that their individual lives and marriages are different and should be a customised and tailored to their own lives without any generic input from how society tells you how to live.

Any form of chasing a cardboard copy life is an attempt to alleviate insecurity and worrying about what others think. This is particularly dangerous when you are surrounded in enemies posing as friends called “Besties”. These so called friends are competitive and keep you in a constant state of comparison of social status. Here’s a sure fire way to tell if your friend is an enemy to your personal development or not, Question this? If you are single and finally get married, and your friend is still single, Are they genuinely happy for you? Or the alternative which is more like a passive jealous that comes from you being content with abandoning them. People have to realise that they sometimes have friends that have not got their best interests in heart and sometimes create environments like mud and force everyone to roll in it together as self validation. Once you leave the mud pool, they turn against you in the worst ways possible. Part of the empowerment is realising you don’t need these people as friends and seeing their true colors before it’s too late. When you see someones insecurities hidden underneath all the bravado or bravada, you will then re-evaluate if your friends are good for you or Toxic hidden behind a facade.

Here are some tips on reading some types of toxic people:

– If somebody always keeps up to date with fashion and cosmetics and it is not related to their job, eg. status symbols like a car and objectifies sexual partners, The usually show a big amount of bravado (overcompensating behaviour) or bravada (Bitchy snobiness). this is an indicator of insecurity of the psyche and reflects trauma of being bullied by other people for what they wear, the choices thy make and everything else. A good test of character is to do something better than them, you ill see them look away and choose not to acknowledge your talent. They will also take any opportunity you give them to show off.

– If someone constantly pushes for favours a small step at a time, They are a utiliser, these people try to drain resources from you as additional. You become an extension of their life. They will bum cigarettes, lifts, Social contacts. They will usually have full disregard for your time and resources.

– if someone constantly tries to live in your shadow and be a party pooper at any encouragement you give them. They are a energy vampire. All your successes will translate to a harder ability for them to catch up to you.