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Dancing is a great alternative to exercise

Why dancing is a great alternative to exercise

By Derek Vuong, Passionata Dance Blog Series

Date: 1st June 3013

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Dancing in general is and may be one of the best alternatives to exercise. One of the reasons why people aren’t motivated is because exercise can be repetitive and a gym environment can be quite sterile in terms of social interaction unless you have support there. Walking into a gym, people are there doing their own thing and don’t want to be bothered with other people unless they have made acquaintance already. The gym is a place people go to put artificial strain on their body to gain rewards such as confidence and body aesthetics such as tone and health, and don’t get me wrong they have their goals and focus so it should not be disregarded as a legitimate pursuit as well.

Dance has a proven track record over the ages for bring people together and developing a community sense amongst people. In the past these have been activities such as community and cultural dances at community festivals and family gatherings. Dance helps bond people and bring out their playful nature. Dance has the ability to appeal to young people as it helps them mature socially, mentally and accept they are part of a large community. Dance also has the ability to make older people feel younger again. The bottom line is that dancing is within human nature and connects people back to their true selves.

There are a wide variety of dance styles for everyone, For the oldies the smooth styles such as foxtrot, quickstep, waltz and tango give people with less ability to move fast an active way of keeping fit without over exerting the body. The dances are low impact, The faster latin styles like Salsa, Cha Cha and Jive, Swing. Give younger people the chance to showcase their fun loving attitude towards life. The Bachata and rumba allow partners to show their romantic sides. Dancing has the ability to allow men to bring out their feminine side and be proud to show their masculine side. Women learn to be trustful of their man’s guidance and surrender to the feeling of the dance.

The great thing about dancing is that it is exercise that is disguised. you may do dancing for 30 minutes and end up better with motion, co-ordination and appreciation and interpretation of music. It also increases dancer appreciation, People who have learned dance may watching dancing with the stars with a totally different understanding of dance detail.

Dance lessons also give you an opportunity to expand your social interactions and meet people to grow your social circles. It also has the ability to increase your confidence and self esteem in front of people. It helps people switch from being the unknown introvert to the well known and admired extrovert, Bringing out your best qualities so you can peak perform in social environments. Imagine becoming the life of the party and being able to inspire others to bring out the best in themselves too.

The benefits are weight loss, overcoming shyness, Self esteem and expression, Confidence in other fields and any other goals you set as long as they are realistic and you have the persistence to stick through. Once you have been touched by dance, you take it through your whole life. It is the gift that always gives.

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Writer Bio: Derek Vuong is a dance instructor based in Sydney, Australia at Passionata Dance, He is a bridal dance specialist and Salsa and Argentine Tango instructor. Derek has instructed more than a thousand people over 8 years and continues to share his knowledge with all those who are willing to learn. He continues to refine his teaching techniques and shares his experiences with teaching absolute beginners the ability to unlock their dance potential.