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Collaboration and Creation Paradigm


I was recently listening to a particular video about education by ken Robinson and realised what our problem in society is. Too much competition and not enough collaboration. The problem stems from money being able to prevent people from empowering themselves due to pressures of not having enough and the division of people from their families.

If people learned to get along with their families and live with their families without having to feel they should be divided and start their own family separately, people would be able to save up money that is wasted on rent and goes towards bank loan interest to propagate the system and use that saved money to collaborate on projects.

For example, A young person trying to get out of the house and do their own thing in the world has no chance in the world since the pressures of rent come down like a tonne of bricks and forces this person to work for someone else in a compartmentalised office. However if this person lived with their parents for six months and worked in the same job, they would be able to a achieve more financial security to have the flexibility to make decisions to collaborate and create.

However there is a network of spells cast on society with the equivalent taboos and differences in generational opinion that cause the generations to be divided. We are divided on so many fronts that virtually makes collaboration impossible. You are a woman or a man, you like soy latte or cappuccinos, you go to this hangout or participate in this sport. These divisions create inefficiencies in ability to create and collaborate. If only people could stop identifying with the coffee they drink and get together to do something that everyone wants. This is the nature of true collaboration.

We need to break those barriers of difference and start to do things together. I personally don’t care which coffee you like, as long as when you collaborate, that does not become the main focus of the project. There is a goal to fulfill and all parties should come and meet half way at least and contribute what they can to creation.

Therefore If we see the problem is a lack of collaboration due to a excess of competition. Competition was bred into us since childhood, comparing grades and success, While people are scattered and have differing goals, nothing gets done and the true collaborators hire the competitors into their machine. Up the top of a corporation, there are collaborators, underneath is a pyramid of competitors living in scarcity.

To crack the code is simple, Become a collaborator and you will be a leader, Become the competition and you will always be a worker. Figure this out and you will have a key to success. Banks are the biggest collaborators whilst bank workers are the biggest competitors in the game for money.

The new paradigm involves collaborating, unifying the vision to become one path that everyone will agree will benefit the group at most. Creating something with the flexibility to adapt to everyone else solution. Great examples of collaboration are Wikipedia and Reddit.

Be driven by the beauty of competition and Be driven by the pursuit of collaboration. It is ok to be an individual, and it is also ok to work together.

Google have reversed the paradigm with their success, They hire collaborative people and make them competitive. The rest of the industry hires competitive people and forces collaboration through compartmentalisation. Naughty Dog has switched over to the new approach of a creative company, Collaborative people who are constructively critical.

The Creation

Well lets say we want to create something, A creation is exactly a baby. What you do for a baby is the same for a creation. You feed your creation, You feed your baby, You cannot hand your baby to any random strangers, But you can hand your baby to a caring lover of babies. The amount you save on getting along with your family instead of paying rent to landlords overlords can be used to create new opportunities that are denied to you by others who are competitive. Use your money to create opportunities. freely expressing your creations leave room for new creations, because creation is a flow, Not living up to your creative ability is blocking the flow. Babies grow and sustain themselves, then they have a life on their own. Once a creation is bigger it will speak for itself and take a life on its own.  By that time hopefully you would have established the ground rules to create a lovely thing. Corporations are not people, But companies are. Companies have a soul, because people have souls. Build a company, not a corporation.

Changing the Paradigm

People must do things naturally, Nobody is meant to compete, there is no competition of the purpose is the same. if there is profit motive, there is competition. But if you start a company measured by how many peoples lives you can improve, and the profit motive is feedback directly back into more improvement. then you will have a company with a soul. If I say my goal is to help people, any company that chooses to be a competitor must be prepared to be helping people and do it better.  therefore they are doing more of the great works. However if the competitors main purpose is to destroy another company, Their purpose is flawed and will not last the test of time.

Education and unlearning existing paradigms replacing with collaborative approaches

First of all the best education someone can have is via example. one on one. All mass education systems have been proven to batch process and be ineffective profit maximizing machines at expense of quality. Some engineer with practical experience can create and design a machine or product which makes jobs for thousands of people. One single product once created, people will follow the creation like ants on a dead beetle, eating out the insides until it is exhausted. if the original creator moved to something better, then the same ants would follow. They are not creators, they are merely ants that get onto the band wagon. If a creator creates a new replacement for the same product or service, the ants will even resort to murder of the original creator to retain the security of their old idea.

Therefore how do we prevent this? We need to create creators instead of more ants, How do you create a creator? through teaching the basics and giving them the freedom to explore. Everyone is accustomed to learning by being told what to do, But not many are accustomed to being individuals and blending together something themselves through experimentation. This reminds me of how teachers play with the dangerous chemicals in science class for the benefit of the class. but not many students actually become scientists. if at best they become science teachers themselves.

For example, Steve jobs had stole(took something old and made it better) and idea mobile phone and software to create the Iphones and created full industries of app making companies. The iphone spawned a copy competitor and spawned its own ant followers.  A millon dollar idea is pretty much taking something old and making it better. The ants then follow it. Within these ants there may spawn a new creator but their mind must be nimble enough to not be so competitive and more persistently plagued by creating something for the same of creation. Most of the time a creation is a platform for other things to launch off it.

Passionata is a platform of dance, Other things will launch off it from our students. That is why we encourage uniqueness and collaboration. One day our students will be creating their own things. Because we are in the business of creating creators and co-creators.