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Passionata Salsa Moves – Basic Turn and Variations

Salsa Move Blog:

Basic Turn and the Variations.

Basic Turn is one of the fundamental salsa moves. The base of this move is the salsa basic, Open out salsa basic. Therefore if you practice the 4th Basic open step, this will increase the ability to perform this move without any hiccups. This move requires knowledge of weight shift and break as a prerequisite and elastic push pull force from the lead hands.

Mens Steps
1. Left foot Break back.
2. Right foot lift and replace offset left behind lady turning clockwise 90.
3. Left foot side feet together.
4. Pause on 4
5. Hook right foot back away from partner.
6. Left foot Lift and replace towards partner.
7. Right foot back together towards partner.
8. Weight shift to right ready to move left foot forward on 1.

Ladies Steps
1. Right foot Back.
2. Left foot prep rock to side 90 degrees
3. Right foot side together, body directly in front of leader.
4. Pause on 4.
5. Hook Left back away from partner.
6. Right foot Lift and replace towards partner.
7. Left Foot back together towards partner.
8. Weight shift to left ready to move right on 1.

Variants and Explanations

1. Basic Half Turn – Stop the ladies back while she is going past on 1-3 and push her back on 5-7.

2. Basic Turn Wrap – Keep the RL hand hold on hip level, Take the Basic Turn lead the same past the front over her head.

3. Basic turn Broken Hammer lock wrap. Take RL hand up above head, take LR hold to behind Ladies Back

4. Half turn on double handed on shoulder, Both hands to ladies left shoulder.

5. Crossed hands to Shoulder to Shoulder.

6. Crossed hands to Back to Back.

7. Break to wrap, Conversion Shoulder lead, Completion full turn.

A. Resolution – Full Basic turn

B. Shoulder to Shoulder, Under left to right turn resolve.

C. Shoulder to Shoulder, under Right to Basic.

D. Dip Conversion on 5-7

E. Mens Hook Turn om 5-7 to Basic step.