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Argentine Tango: Cambio de Frente

Cambio de Frente (Change of Face)

The Cambio de Frente in the Tango refers to change of face meaning changing the direction that you are facing. the leader and follower swaps their roles. For example, when the leader is progressing forward toward the follower, The Leader converts with a half turn from the side step position reversing the roles of the walk.


1. Forward with left leg
2. Small side step or junta in axis point with pivot 90 degree:3. continue pivot turn and back step, leading partner into forward walk to your right inviting with marca.
4. Continue walk

1. Back with Right leg
2. Small side from axis point 90 degree turn to left,
3. Step forward outside leader right side
4. Continue walk.

There are 4 directionals:

– Forward Left Turning
– Forward Right Turning
– Backward Left Turning
– Backward Right Turning


– Cambio de Frente is not strictly 180 degree turns, You may change angle to adjust the dance trajectory.

– Some Directions may work more natural than others depending on the leaders left side embrace.

– Cambio de frente can be blended directly with other figures or footwork before or end of the three main steps constituting the move.

– Cambio de frente used to change direction same as the cradle – Cunita (Rockstep) and Arrepentidas. Cambio can be used to break up straight walking dynamics.