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The Best Salsa Clubs in Sydney


The Best Salsa Clubs in Sydney

Where to go Salsa dancing in Sydney

Sydney’s Salsa scene attracts people from all walks of life, The urban professionals, the party goers from suburbia, and the internationals that fly in for a working holiday. Everyone experiences the city differently and within the city of Sydney, we can find some of the pockets of the best Salsa clubs to attend and practice our social dancing abilities.

1. Establishment on Tuesday Nights

Establishment is located in the heart of the Sydney in George street. In this venue we get a mix of patrons. Many people who have just finished work and beginners to experienced. This club has a absolute beginners lesson run at about 9:00-9:30 to get people into the mood for dance. There are 4 main areas to dance. The front, The bar, In front of the DJ Booth, and the Back dining area. The club gets pretty much packed to capacity from about 9:30pm onwards until 12:30am. Salsa Dancers start arriving at about 10:00pm and dance the night away until 1:00am. The sound system is sometimes not so great especially in the back areas, but that does not stop people from enjoying themselves. Because the club is extremely packed, dancers have complained about the crowded congestion of traffic back and forth through the club. Establishment still is the club that you can go a whole night without bumping into regular friends and find out you both went later. The beginners usually hang out on the far side of the DJ booth and around the bar area. experienced dancers will hang out at the front and near the elevators. The DJs alternate between some well known sydney latin DJs Willie Sabor, DJ AV Cubano, DJ El Padrino (Wayden)

2. Bar 100 on Mondays and Wednesdays

Bar 100 is a great venue with high ceilings and great acoustics and dance floor. It is located in the rocks at 100 George st, Great venue for dancing, on Mondays it attracts a LA Style and On 2 Crowd, Wednesdays attracts a more Cuban and street dance feel. Bar 100 can get crowded at times, but i remains true to a salsa club attracting a large amount of dance patrons who can actually dance. The rule of thumb is if people go out dancing during a weekday, they are usually dedicated enough to learn to dance. On mondays, DJ Mambo G (Graham) spins up some on 2, mambo and modern jazzy styles for the LA Crowd. On Wednesdays, DJ Vicco goes for more Salsa romantica and Classics enjoyed by south americans.

3. Margaritaville on Sundays

Margaritaville formerly known as docks moved to hard rock cafe for a while, Hard rock was a great venue, but due to change in management, Margaritaville is the new venue, The great thing about Margaritaville is the people, it is a calm salsa venue with a range of beginners and intermediate dancers. The floor is too small because the club is elongated. Docks was known for a bad dance floor spilling of drinks due to bad thoroughfare. margaritaville gave docks a village feel but kept the same basic layout

4. Cruise Bar on Thursdays

Cruise Bar is right on the water at the Overseas Passenger terminal in Circular Quay, On a good night the club opens the side doors allowing people to have a cool down after dancing. This club is great, Service for drinks is a bit slow because of under staffing.  The club can get very humid so regular intervals of dancing inside and outside are required. Not too crowded. DJ Chocolate escobar and DJ Rafa play here. There are Beginner to Intermediate level dancers here and is a great venue for dancers from different schools to co-mingle. Sometimes large cruise ships dock at the passenger terminal and block the view of the opera house, the internationals may join for a dance at the beginning. They usually close the side doors to minimise noise for sleeping passengers. But there are sometimes patrons for after work drinks that come down to have a quick drink before heading home.

5. Vivaz on Friday and Saturday

Located on 80 George St, Vivaz is a place for dancers beginner dancers to be chucked into the deep end. Alot of hens nights get booked on certain times of the year and girls just wanna have fun. Occasionally, Vivaz will have male strip shows for the hens. Live band performances are also available. El Barrio was a event that ran at Taylor on central had to move their location to vivaz due to alcohol fueled fights. Since then, the club has changed it’s vibe to more a south american hip hop club. VJ Mambo,

6. Petersham RSL

Great open area, Attracts a older crowd, DJ Suave, Friendly crowd, Open areas.

7. Ashfield Wests

This club is Packed with older partons for cumbia styles. They may have a live band and DJ. Very crowded with all walks of life. More older styles of salsa here.