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The Benefits of Dancing

Dancing Blog – Benefits of Dancing

Teaching dancing for a while has taught me alot of things about people and their personal aspirations. It is a rewarding thing to be able to share a skill no matter what that skill may be. I have had numerous conversations about the topic of dance and how it has improved their lives. The general benefits include confidence, meeting new people and getting people out of the house.

Dance means many different things to many different people, However I see a common benefit across the board when it comes to educating people on dance. Introducing dance to someone’s life is a rewarding experience, especially when it touches them in their own personal way to make a life improvement.

From various people, I have heard that dancing is the thing they can look forward to doing each week and is sometimes the first real activity they have truly done for themselves. Some people say dance makes them feel young again and they feel more confident.  People believe that dance takes their mind off all the problems in their lives, But I personally like to think that dancing puts your focus on discovering who you really are and getting more out of your body. So the focus is shifted from “reacting to life” to “activating themselves for life”.

I have also observed some benefits in long term married couples. Dancing is something that partners can do for each other, It’s the gift that keeps giving because once you start dancing you can take it throughout the rest of your life at very little cost. Dancing also improves communication between partners, Most of dancing is non verbal and partners learn to communicate on this level. One key benefit is that dancing brings up a control issues to surface. A woman naturally wants to follow but over time the woman gets comfortable in taking control of the marriage. Dancing rebalances this by allowing the man to take the leadership role and allows the woman to surrender part of this control so she can relax and focus on her aesthetics and styling. There may be a direct inverse relationship between control and aesthetics. By being able to relax and feel her partner, a woman is able to be pampered by her partner in dance, and the man is able to take care of her woman with his lead, thus giving him more confidence in pleasing his woman.

Dancing needs to be built from ground up. Dancing must be brought out naturally from someone as it is a compulsion to show music in movement that is inbuilt into our psyche. Dancing encourages awakening of physical and mental fitness. It promotes outgoing sociable nature and charisma. I always say dancing is like a personal rollercoster ride you can take anywhere you go.

It is something to be had fun with, Playful and collaborative. It promotes caring of other people, creativity of motion and love, Appreciation of music and arts, Healthy lifestyles and happiness and a healthy state of mind. It reminds us of how we used to be and what we can become. Dancing is the physical manifestation of pleasure and passion.

Derek Vuong – Dance instructor.