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Self Motivation – Doing things for yourself.

Dancing is just one of those things that may touch peoples lives at a point when they need it. I believe that dancing feels far better when the person actively pursues it on their own, setting their personal goals and discoveries. This constitutes the difference between two types of motivation, Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation respectively. The person who is self motivated will find their own unique journey and discover and learn things naturally. The person who is externally motivated will just be going through prescribed motions waiting to be pampered and served answers on a platter.

I have seen parents push kids into dance to open opportunities for them they never personally had.  At a young age, It is very hard to tell if their kids enjoy the dancing or not, since they enjoy doing all types of activities regardless. Later on in life pressures such as study and relationships ,many of these children do not even continue to pursue dance or creative arts.

A good teacher motivates the student and leaves space for the student to put some effort in themselves. A coach is a teacher that pushes students to excel, but once the coach is gone, The student will have to rely on their own ability to self motivate. Coaches are external motivators and self determination is an intrinsic motivator. No teacher wants to drag a dead weight, and good students are those with work ethic and a great attitude to learn.

I have met many who claim to be dancers because their parents enrolled them into jazz, ballet and tap dance classes at a young age and talked to them as young adults and haven’t practiced or pursued it in any form or another. Most of them end up in boot camps paying for someone to shout commands at them. This gives them of confidence in talk, but once there is no teacher in their life, there is no motivation for anything. Just like a solider is conditioned to await orders and commands, when they leave the army, they go through withdrawal symptoms of not having anyone to tell them what to do. For my experience, many get married and get told by their wives what to do. These schools train children like an army with a commanding authority figure. Once the commanding figure is out of their life, they may become demotivated and lack any sense of direction. This is the ideal time to figure out what self motivation is. unfortunately Anthony Robbins knows quiet well the population of demotivated people he’s dealing with, That is the people who need a big kick up the backside.

In terms of ability, few fail to pursue greater abilities until they switch themselves to become internally motivated people. These are the ones that become teachers and performers in their respective fields. Classes give the baseline of abilities and techniques, but there is a side of learning that cannot be taught and relies on passion, self determination and practical experience from self developed creativity.

I once met a woman whom took her son to do fencing lessons, She watched by the sidelines while she waited for her son to finish, and due to this boredom she was asked to join a class. She then began to love doing it, and before you know it, she was herself a Fencer. She was also the top of her game and became the president of the Fencing club. This woman found fencing through her son, however she stuck through it for herself, became passionate and became a master. The moral to this story is to get involved because you may enjoy it.

I have had my fair share of dragging people kicking and screaming, but at the end of the day, everyone has a time and place for everything they do. Everyone runs on their own schedule and may not necessarily be ready for a active change in their life until they meet the right person or circumstance to change their opinion. So when you do decide to something, Do it for yourself and set an example, people will follow later.

In conclusion, opportunities come to people who just “do it” especially for themselves. Self motivate yourself today, because if you don’t do it, nobody else will, unless you pay them to be that coach. It’s okay to get pissed off at yourself and make the change in your life, Because doing the same thing, day in and out and expecting a different result is total madness. Switch your paradigm to self motivation and change your day.

“Go ahead!, Change your day” – Paraphrased Clint Eastwood in a parallel universe.