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Thursday Tango @ Liverpool

Argentine Tango Dance Lessons on Thursday @ Lurnea

Traditional Tango Dance Lessons in Sydney’s West

Passionata’s Tango Dance Lessons make things simple. We focus on teaching the art of Argentine tango in the most simple way possible. our students gain a command and confidence with the dance.

The Tango is a beautiful fusion dance originating from Argentina and Uruguay. The dance developed from folkloric roots of the traditional indigenous dancers of the tribal people of south america and blending of the waltzes of italian immigrants and french minuets. Over time it evolved and became the form we know today. In order to understand tango we can understand the history of the dance and the style in its purest form of first principles. the argentinians dance without moving their shoulders as a elegant stride, the Uruguayans choose to bounce a bit to honour their tribal heritage.

prestons - tango dance lessons

Time: Thursday Night 8:00pm-9:30pm

Duration: 1.5 Hour session

Address: George Bates Hall, Corner of Wonga and Hill Road, Lurnea

Description:This class is a beginner/Intermediate focused class which gives student a exposure to Argentine Tango Dance Lessons and Milonga Practice.  The courses cover the fundamentals of Walking (Caminar), Essential figures and technique refinement and development.

What to bring: Comfortable casual clothing and shoes to dance with, nothing too grippy. No partner is required.

Cost: $12 (per person per session). Term passes available.

Contact: Derek – 0412 550 855

Argentine Tango Dance Lessons

Argentine Tango

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