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Argentine Tango lessons

Tango Lessons with Passionata Dance

Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango Lessons

Argentine Tango (also known as “The Tango”) is a sensual and seductive dance that originates from Argentina and Uruguay. It has been Heritage listed by UNESCO as a cultural treasure. Argentine tango originates from Argentina and Uruguay and was adapted by the european migrants because they got home sick. The tango is a style that is known to represent elegance, style, posture and class. The Tango is described as walking poetry or painting a canvas to the music with steps. Tango lessons are available from us, teaching from the basic walks to advanced figure improvisations. The Argentinians and Uruguayans both dance the tango as it is part of their cultural heritage.

At Passionata Dance, we teach the tango in a comprehensive way cutting out all the hassle and providing easy to follow instruction developed by refine practices. We keep our instructions simple and inclusive. This means we teach in such a way we remove the complexity of the dance and distill it to it’s fundamental elements so that you can learn quickly and  start to love the dance of passion as soon as possible. As a qualified teacher,  We can communicate concepts in simple ways and help you find the soul of the tango. We provide beginner tango lessons and help you develop into an accomplished dancer. Learn to Dance the tango today with Passionata dance.

Learning the tango may take alot of patience and persistence.

 Tango lessons by Passionata Tango

Passionata’s Tango lessons are only intended for beginners/intermediate, The purpose of this class is to introduce tango to new students and encourage friendly and open growth and discourse in the tango scene of Sydney. Our lessons are not intended for experienced dancers to flaunt their skills, or a base of egotism/pride and intimidate new people from entering into the tango discipline.  The main philosophy is one of open access to everyone and provide a incubation environment so new dancers can find their unique expression without being limited by other people. This allows new students to discover a passion and personal drive in pursuit of tango. At passionata we are only interested in opening a door for the student to allow them to walk freely and accept tango as a worthwhile discipline of dance mastery.

Day Type Time Location Class
Thursday Tango Thursdays – Liverpool 8:00pm-10:00pm George Bates Hall
Corner of Wonga and Hill Road, LURNEA
Contact: Derek – 0412550855
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Thursdays Argentine Tango Practica
Free Entry
9:30pm-10:00pm George Bates Hall
Corner of Wonga and Hill Road, LURNEA
Contact: Derek – 0412550855
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Contact: Derek – 0412 550 855


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