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Why there are less men than women in dance.


Psychologically we live in an age of female entitlement where in our society we have predominately broken families and children being raised by the empowerment of women and the degradation of the value of men of only his worth to be determined by how much taxes he can pay to the state.  Here is what happened.

where are men in dance

Men are usually afraid to embarass themselves in dance and are equally concerned about not living up to the female standard of the false alphamale image women expect

The state taking ownership of people in a slavery system knows that males can be empowered to create and are the movers and shakers of the society, as soon as a woman gets pregnant she cannot change society for the better, all she can do is raise her children and recruit her husband or another man to take care of her progeny. They emasculate men so they can be in control of them and empower women through sex to control the males. Once a woman cannot control a man, he is no use to her, that is why the traditional woman has a huge disdain for gay relationships, but an approval of lesbian ones.