Passionata Dance Classes – Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Tango and Bridal Dance

Special Offer: “It Takes Two to Tango”

Tango Lessons for $2 Only in July

Offering $2 To Tango lessons as a Trial Programme to scope and grow interest in the Liverpool area.

As a promotion to increase Tango Dancing in the Western Sydney area, I have decided to run my usual tango classes for $2 per person for the month of July in 2013. I have decided to subsidise the cost of running these lessons myself so that people who are willing to learn will have a opportunity to take lessons for a minimal cost to them. The $2 is a token consideration paid as a token of good will to committing themselves to something, I believe that when somebody doesn’t pay for something, they value it less, so it goes against my principle to offer a highly valued skill such as tango completely for free. All this requires is a good attitude, your time and the two dollars as a good will gesture. This offer will only extend for the month of July and places are limited since the studio space can realistically only hold 20 students at a time.

Here is the Flyer

tango-july-promo [800x600]

I will be contributing my knowledge to beginners who want to get started in Tango. This also is a marketing drive for our Dance organisation Passionata Dance. Those who are quick to take up the offer will definitely benefit from these cut price lessons. This lesson is not for you if you have done tango before and want to come to practice and show off, Save that for the milongas, The curriculum will be for absolute beginners. If the result is good and people enjoy it, I may consider doing another offer in future.

Lesson 1, Week 1- Walking, Salida, (2nd July)

Lesson 2,  Week 2 – Front Ocho (9th July)

Lesson 3, Week 3 – Back Ocho (16th July)

Lesson 4, Week 4 – Gancho (23rd July)

Lesson 5, Week 5 – Cambio de Frente (30th July)

Good Luck and look forward to seeing you soon in my classes.

Terms and Conditions, Codes of Conduct at our Lessons to respect persons and Property.